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I'm passionate:


I marvel at the gift of being able to use creative license to form "the perfect sentence,” whether written by me or by someone else.  I have the greatest respect for my clients. Only they can tell the stories they wish to convey, and I love helping them achieve that goal. It is such a gratifying feeling to believe in the manuscripts I review, and to believe I am helping improve their product.



I don’t claim to have all the answers.  Grammar can be such a mind-boggling, meticulous, and demanding world of ever-changing rules; it can be easy to give into the temptation of giving up the will to not only stay afloat but stay on top in a world of change.    


What I can claim is that I aim to be the best I can be in my craft, which means that I am constantly learning and honing my skills as a writer and editor. I continue to read, write, and self-educate, whether by watching YouTube self-publishing tutorials or referring back to my Chicago Manual of Style guide when I question a grammar rule. I value my clients, their trust, and their privacy. I ask questions, maintain open communication, and offer critiques, suggestions, ideas, and praise. I am meticulous in my work, timely, and determined to return quality products to my clients. I love my job and I take it seriously!  

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