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Freelance Editor


I offer multi-stage editing services for those preparing to have their manuscripts become publication-ready. While there is no industry standard for the number of editing stages each manuscript must go through, most editors will agree that a manuscript should go through four different editing phases (whether separated or combined into fewer editing rounds): developmental, substantive, copy editing, and proofreading. I have found that most of my authors are not thrilled with the idea of going through four rounds of editing, so I typically combine into two rounds: developmental and line editing.


Developmental (or content) editing analyzes a manuscript as a whole. I look at the big picture, considering whether or not the amount of dialogue is sufficient, the overall message of the story is clearly conveyed, if there is missing information that leaves the reader with questions, judge the integrity of a character by his actions compared with what we know of that character, and so on. 


Line editing is the meticulous work of going through a document's entire length sentence by sentence with a fine-toothed comb, checking for grammatical errors, inconsistencies, missing hyphens, and so on. At this stage, I focus on syntax and how to achieve optimum sentence fluency and readability.


Some grammar choices are subjective (such as deciding whether or not to use the Oxford comma), so I ensure the author stays consistent in his or her choices. If the author bounces between rules, I pick the rule I think is most closely aligned with the recommendations from the Chicago Manual of Style.


A first-round edit is typically a developmental edit. The manuscript will be returned to the author with a significant number of comments written in the margins of the story. After implementing as many of my suggested changes as he/she chooses to, the author can return for second-round edits (line edits) of the revised manuscript, and will receive this manuscript back with many more adjustments within the body and far fewer comments in the margins. I highly advise authors then get a professional proofread just before going to print.

Although I have edited many different genres, my current focus is on Christian, historical fiction, and creative non-fiction. I accept manuscripts sent in Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx) and use Track Changes so that all my suggestions are clearly visible and easy to navigate through.


Kate was a great asset to our editing department. Her attention to detail is critical, especially in the early phases of developmental editing. Highly Recommend!


Rochelle Carter

CEO, Ellechor Publishing House


Photo Credit: Rob Trendiak


I was extremely pleased with the edits Kate made to my book. She was very detailed and went above and beyond to ensure I understood each of her changes. The fact that she has publishing experience made her a very credible source and I implemented almost all of her changes. Thanks Kate- I HIGHLY recommend!.


Corey Perlman

Owner, Digital Marketing Agency at eBoot Camp, Inc.




I currently charge $0.015/word for developmental edits (or first-round edits) and $0.01/word for line edits (or second-round edits).


For an 80,000-word novel, this would mean $1200 for a developmental edit and $800 for a line edit. For projects under 30,000 words (such as devotionals, children's books, or novellas) there is an additional $50 fee.

A developmental edit includes an Editorial Letter that highlights overall strengths of the manuscript as well as general suggestions to consider implementing.

After a start time is agreed upon, a $100 deposit secures a spot in my schedule. I generate an invoice via PayPal when I've completed my revisions and wait until payment is received before releasing the manuscript back to the client.


Kate Hiester embodies everything you want to find in an editor. She is thorough, insightful, and detail-oriented. Kate helped me take my novel from draft to publication-ready. Her revisions were exactly what I needed and were delivered in a prompt and professional manner. Beyond this, Kate championed my book and encouraged me in my pursuit of publication. With Kate, the editing process was a true partnership. I look forward to working with Kate on my next project. 

Erin Gallion

Author of Storm Sisters


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